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Hillsboro Officer Jailed Following Shootout At Forest Grove Home

A Hillsboro police officer is in jail Monday after allegedly shooting at other officers during a domestic disturbance at his house.

Timothy Cannon

Timothy Cannon

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Hillsboro Police officials say that Washington County and Forest Grove police arrested officer Timothy Cannon after they responded to a 911 call reporting a fight. A spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff says Cannon is being held without bail until he’s arraigned Tuesday on an attempted aggravated murder charge.

Lieutenant Michael Rouches, the public information officer for the Hillsboro Police Department, says officer Cannon’s future depends on what’s found by the county’s major crimes team.

“If it is proved that this is what happened – and that he was acting in a reckless dangerous manner toward his family and/or other police officers – he would not be able to continue as a police officer,” says Rouches. 

Police officials say the exchange of gunfire at Cannon’s home in Forest Grove resulted in injuries to Cannon and a sheriff’s deputy. But officials say there were no serious injuries. 

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