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The Challenge: 100 Days To Train A Wild Mustang

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Trainer Jani Mari Zigray-Cochran shares her secrets.

In January, horse trainers from around the country were given wild Mustang horses rounded up by the BLM in eastern Oregon. 

They had 100 days to train the wild horses.

That 100 days is up, and thirty trainers and horses are competing over the weekend at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon to see who did the best job training their wild horse.

The Mustangs are auctioned off at the end of event Saturday to the general public.

OPB News reporter and photographer Pete Springer profiled trainer Jani Mari Zigray-Cochran and the Mustang she trained for the event.

 John Sharp

Oregon Field Guide - Wild Horse Trainer

Meet Oregon's own 84-year-old "horse whisperer". John Sharp has been "gentling" wild horses for years. We'll see how he does it and learn a little bit about the horse sense he's picked up over the years.


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