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How Much Medicinal Marijuana Is Enough?

Medicinal marijuana users packed a hearing room in Olympia Monday. They’re angry about a proposal to limit the number of pot plants they can grow at home. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Washington State for a decade. But the law has never defined how much pot patients can possess.

Now, the Washington Department of Health is under orders from the legislature to set limits. The current proposal is to allow patients to possess 24 ounces of usable marijuana. Plus six plants for harvesting and another eighteen baby plants.

Aaron Birdle is a former Air Force pilot who broke his back. He says that’s not enough plants to produce a 60-day supply of drugs.

Aaron Birdle: “What do I do for my remaining 18 ounces – the majority of the medicine I need? Oh I go to the black market. Oh, so now I’m giving all of my money to real criminals so this draft proposal which is going to put in a six plant limit is actually going to empower criminals.”

The Department of Health says it came up with the proposed rules after taking input from patients, doctors and police.

The proposal in Washington mirrors rules that are on the books in Oregon.

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