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How They've Occupied Their Year

About 200 people came downtown for a Portland march commemorating the first year of the Occupy movement.

While many were proud of their 38 days of protest, some, like Arlo Stone, said summer police raids on the homes of suspected anarchists have held the movement back.

“They employ movement crushing tactics,” Stone said. “In order to stop what we did. And that’s the kiss of death for any movement in this country.”

Some former members have moved on to different kinds of activism, both more structured, and less so. Ilona Trogub  said, “I”m part of the bioregional awareness movement called Cascadia Now, as well as Occupy Portland.”

 “I worked at the legislature and I helped plan a statewide gathering on the first day of the legislative session,” explained Nancy Baker-Krofft.

Michaiah Dutt, a former U.S. serviceman heavily involved at the Occupy encampment, said he really doesn’t plan marches or do rallies anymore. “I show up at major events done by other people. I don’t work a job anymore, I live on less than $300 a month. All my work is community work. And I find it’s no longer work.”

Saturday’s march went off peacefully. Additional events were planned.

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