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Hundreds Rally Against Expanding Domestic Partnership Benefits

Social conservative activists rallied on the capitol steps  in Olympia Thursday against expanding the benefits included in Washington’s domestic partnership law.

The bill that’s become known as “everything but marriage” would allow full legal benefits for domestic partners, without marriage itself.  

Larry Stickney — president of the Washington Values Alliance — was one of many speakers to address a crowd of about 400.

Larry Stickney: “If the marriage equality bills are to pass this year, the will demolish the historical understanding and definition of marriage as that of uniting a man and a woman for life.”

Gay rights advocates say Washington’s domestic partnership law is unfair because it doesn’t cover sick leave, adoptions, and workers compensation benefits among other things.

The “everything but marriage” bill has already passed the Senate. A hearing in the House is scheduled for Monday.

The bill is expected to reach the House floor in the next few weeks.

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