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Hundreds Rally In Support Of Teachers Outside PPS Office

Hundreds of parents and students rallied Monday night outside the Portland school district office, to support teachers in their contract discussions. The rally came after a full day of bargaining.

Parents and students held signs with messages like “Support Portland Teachers” and “Stay At The Table.” Cleveland High sophomore Marley Schlichting emphasized that the teachers’ contract should help improve classroom instruction.

Schlichting said, “We students will be in charge of this country some day. We will vote, we will pay taxes, and some of us will be leaders. To me, it is insanely terrifying that we could receive an education that is not up to par.”

Ralliers walked into the administration building, filling the board room and adjoining lobby to capacity. Board members had previously scheduled a private session to discuss the contract.

Protesters were disappointed to watch the board adjourn and go behind closed doors.

The district says both sides are working hard on reaching an agreement.

More contract talks are scheduled for Thursday.

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