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Hungry Kids Could Get Help Under Proposed Changes To Portland Fund

Hungry children could get some help under proposed changes to a fund for Portland kids. The Portland Children’s Levy is before City Council this week Wednesday, and could go to voters for renewal this spring.

The new version would add funding for children’s hunger. The levy already funds four areas: early childhood education, child abuse prevention, support for foster kids, and after-school programs.

Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman says those priorities will remain.

Saltzman said, “We also realize that if children are hungry, they’re not learning well, they’re pre-occupied. We know hunger affects that directly. So we’ve got to do more.”

The children’s levy is expected to generate less money now than it did in years past, because of other voter-approved property taxes. But Saltzman says Multnomah County leaders plan to pitch in to keep funding stable for the children’s levy.

The proposal before city council this week would put the levy renewal on the May 2013 ballot.

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