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Bikes Hit The Streets After Hurricane Sandy

The remnants of Hurricane Sandy are moving inland Tuesday, after disabling the eastern seaboard.  Jonathan Maus, creator of the blog,  is in New York City for a transportation conference.

Jonathan Maus has a gallery of photos title "Biking Brooklyn after Sandy" on his blog.

Jonathan Maus has a gallery of photos title “Biking Brooklyn after Sandy” on his blog.

Jonathan Maus

Maus was evacuated from his original hotel, one block from the flood zone.

“Last night was really intense winds, I went outside my hotel room and some marble pieces from the roof and the side of the hotel were actually on the sidewalk, but definitely the worst has past. A lot of people are out biking. You know the city runs on public transit, so without the bus and the subway, which are still closed, most people won’t be coming to work. People with bikes are really lucky right now because they are able to get around better than anybody else.”

Maus was moved to a hotel in Long Island City.

The three major airports in New York remain closed, but Maus is hopeful they will reopen so he can make his flight back to Oregon on Thursday. 

Biking Brooklyn after Sandy

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