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Immigration Advocates In Bend Join Call For Immediate House Vote

Advocates in Bend joined a national push Tuesday to bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote on the U.S. House floor.

Over the weekend, President Obama visited a group of four immigration advocates who’ve been fasting on the National Mall for three weeks.

That group has ended its fast — and passed the torch to others on the mall, including Democratic representative, Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts, who pledged not to eat for 24 hours.

Several activists across the country have joined the 24-hour fast in solidarity.

That includes Ron Werner, Jr. He’s a youth pastor in Bend, where he says he works with about twenty students who live in fear that their parents will be deported.

“So to me it’s a moral issue and a pastoral issue: keeping families together.”

Werner joined about fifteen fellow protesters to deliver a petition to Oregon Congressman Greg Walden’s office.

They’re asking for an immediate vote in the U.S. House on immigration reform .

A spokesman for Walden says his office appreciates the input from the people of Oregon.

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