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Immigration Rally Teams Occupy With Advocates

Several hundred people gathered Saturday in protest of the federal government’s immigration policies. It’s one of the latest stands taken by the metro-area’s Occupy movement.

While Occupy isn’t camping out, the group’s been anything but idle. Members planned several events through the weekend, including a rally in support of working immigrants’ rights. Several groups collaborated on the event. Silvio Poot and Samuel Vega are both students at Portland Community College.

“We are also part of the 99%,” Poot said, “and have been affected by the economy.”

Vega added, “I’m here today to pressure our government, backing up what they constitute this country on - liberty and justice for all.”

Hundreds join a rally uniting Occupy Portland with advocates for immigrants' rights.

April Baer / OPB

Other Occupy members took part in a holiday-themed “Santarchy” singalong, and a march protesting the  defense bill passed by Congress.  Some helped rake leaves  at the downtown parks where Occupy camped for most of October.

Tonight, some organizers will meet to help draft a declaration of principals - supporters are calling this the first in a series of conventions to craft the document.

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