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In Expanded UO Survey Results, More Students Report Sexual Violence

New information from a survey of University of Oregon students suggests the problem of sexual assault is even worse than initially reported.

The initial results found that one in ten female students at U of O were victims of sexual violence.

Lead researcher Jennifer Freyd has now updated her results to include attempted rape. That nearly doubles the number of students affected. Freyd shared her latest findings Friday on OPB’s “Think Out Loud.”

“We had 19 percent of our female sample indicating that they had experienced either completed or attempted rape - during college, I want to make clear, we asked specifically ‘during college,’ ” she said.

Freyd used the word “rape,” but the survey questions that got the high number of “yes” responses did not use that word. The questions focused instead on specific actions that constitute rape.

When asked directly, at the end of the survey, most student-victims didn’t consider what happened to them to be “rape.” And of those who did consider it rape - relatively few reported it to university officials.