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Independent Party Sues State Over Cross Nomination

The Independent Party of Oregon Tuesday sued Secretary of State Bill Bradbury over the party's nomination of Republican Joel Haugen.

The state has denied a request that Haugen be listed as both a Republican and Independent on the ballot. Ethan Lindsey reports.

Haugen is running for the Congressional seat currently held by Portland Democrat David Wu.

But Haugen angered Republicans when he endorsed Barack Obama for president. Here's Haugen on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor yesterday.

Joel Haugen: “What we need at this time, both for the nation and the world, is an inspiring leader, that's going to lead us into and through the 21st century. And I see that in Senator Obama.”

In fact, he's been barred from Republican events. And in response, he sought - and received - the Independent Party's nomination.

But the Secretary of State's office insists Haugen can only appear on the ballot as a Republican.

Haugen, and the Independent Party, filed suit in Marion County court.

The lawsuit alleges that a 1995 legislative change means a candidate's name can be listed next to multiple party labels.

In a letter to Secretary Bradbury, the Independent Party stressed the time pressure on the decision -  voter pamphlet statements must be filed by August 26th.

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