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It's Too Late To Mail Ballots For Tuesday's Special Election

Voting at the Sellwood-Moreland branch of Multnomah County Library.

Voting at the Sellwood-Moreland branch of Multnomah County Library.

Michael Clapp/OPB

Tuesday is Oregon’s special election. You should have received your ballot by now, and it’s due back by 8 p.m. election day.

If you have not received your ballot, contact your county elections office immediately. It is too late to mail in ballots.

Each county’s elections website will list their ballot drop box locations.

Tony Green, spokesman for the Oregon Secretary of State, says, “And it’s really important to participate in these elections so that the candidates represent what the public wants.”

Green says that there are important measures to vote on.

The deadline to turn in ballots is 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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