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Jeff Sessions Has 'Serious Questions' About Oregon's Marijuana Market

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has alleged that Oregon may be violating the Obama administration’s requirements to keep marijuana out of the illicit market.

Sessions sent a letter to Gov. Kate Brown July 24 reiterating the Department of Justice’s authority to enforce the federal ban on marijuana and highlighting ways in which Oregon may have failed to comply with the “Cole memo.”

The memo, issued in 2013, represents the Obama administration’s policy not to prosecute the state legalized market provided that the state has a robust regulatory system that prevents leakage of the drug into the illicit market. Thus far the Trump administration has honored the policy.

The attorney general stated that an Oregon State Police report in January raised “serious questions about the efficacy of marijuana ‘regulatory structures’” in the state. He added that the Cole memo does not preclude DOJ from investigating or prosecuting violations of the federal prohibition.

Read more at The Portland Tribune.

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