An incomplete list of things that have washed up on North Coast beaches: a giant octopus, dead whales, pyrosomes, Japanese fishing boats, hundreds of Humboldt squid, so much bull kelp, so much plastic.

And now, earlier this week, moon jellyfish as far as the eye could see around Haystack Rock.

A jellyfish washed up on the shore of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

A jellyfish washed up on the shore of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Colin Murphey/Daily Astorian

Large numbers of stranded jellyfish are not an unusual sight on local beaches, especially after storms or during times of strong waves and seasonal upwelling, the Haystack Rock Awareness Program noted on Facebook.

Moon jellyfish are just one type of jellyfish that shows up frequently. Pacific sea nettles, which do sting, are a common find. These jellies are yellow-brown with a sort of frilled edge when nestled in the sand. Tiny comb jellies will dot the beach, looking like oversized water droplets frozen in place.

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