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Survey: More Jobs Are Opening In Oregon, But Hard To Fill

Oregon’s private-sector employers reported more job openings in 2013 than in the past five years. A new state survey indicates that there were approximately 32,000 job vacancies statewide last fall.

The Oregon Employment Department conducted the survey. It shows that the number of job vacancies has increased incrementally every year since 2010. The number of unemployed has declined, too.

Last October, about 133,000 Oregonians were unemployed. That means there were roughly four unemployed people for each job opening.

That’s an improvement from the 12 unemployed people for every vacancy during the worst period of the recession.

Jessica Nelson is with the Oregon Employment Department.

Definitely good news, more opportunities and a little less competition at least from other unemployed people,” says Nelson.

Nelson says most job vacancies in the fall were full-time, permanent positions. And, she says, employers had difficulty filling them. The primary reasons for that included unfavorable working conditions and a lack of applicants.

Nationally, there were three unemployed people for each vacancy last fall.

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