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Judge Refuses To Reduce Eugene 'Gang Mom' Sentence

Lane County Circuit Court Judge Debra Vogt Friday denied a sentence reduction for convicted murderer Mary Louise Thompson.  The so-called “gang mom” sought a shorter sentence under a new Oregon law. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald reports.

House Bill 3508 allows felons to receive reduced sentences to help save the state money.

Mary Louise Thompson is serving 25 years in prison for ordering the murder of 17-year-old Aaron Iturra in 1994. 

She sought a 10-months reduction of the part of her sentence issued for non-violent convictions.

Aaron’s mother, Janyce Iturra, says she’s grateful Judge Vogt denied the request, but the hearing re-opens painful wounds.

Janyce Iturra: “You take the scab right off the sore, you know. And I don’t know how else to describe that because that’s what it is. You finally move on and things are going okay. You feel like you’re getting your family back together and bam, the system just bites me one more time.”

Iturra says she’d like the Legislature to reconsider House Bill 3508. She says the law, meant to save the state money, is costing counties and victims.

Thompson had ordered two teens to kill Aaron Iturra to prevent him from testifying against her son in a gang-related assault case.

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