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Judge Won't Stop Port Of Portland Strike

A possible strike at the Port of Portland came one step closer Wednesday, after a Multnomah County judge refused to grant an injunction blocking the union action.

The Port had hopped to block the strike by emphasizing its impact.  

Port manager, Daniel Pippenger, told the court the strike would be bad for local businesses that are waiting for products to put on their shelves; and he worried that long-term shippers may move elsewhere because of unreliable labor at the port.

He says Honda just informed the Port that it has already diverted a ship with 2000 cars to California.

“In our recent economic study, each car that comes in generates about $270 of economic value to the Portland area. So just this one ship diversion is over a half million dollar hit to the local economy,” Pippenger said.

International Longshore and Warehouse Union lawyer, Hank Kaplan, says contract negotiations are close except for one issue, job security.

Negotiations are scheduled to continue on Saturday.

If those negotiations fail, a strike is scheduled for Sunday morning.

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