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Jury Selected For Mohamud Trial

Twelve jurors and four alternates have been chosen to hear the case of a young man on trial for an alleged bomb plot at Portland’s 2010 holiday tree lighting.

Sketch by Deborah Marble

The group will be asked to set aside preconceived ideas about terrorism to decide the facts of the case.

A former bank clerk who witnessed several robberies. A public administrator who motorcycles with the Patriot Guard at military funerals. A mother whose children were at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square the day the defendant is accused of trying to set a bomb there.

Sketch by Deborah Marble

Sketch by Deborah Marble

Those are some of the people called to decide whether Mohamed Mohamud was responsible for the plot to set off the fake bomb, or whether FBI employees lured him into it.

Judge Garr King told prospective jurors they need not be free of bias, but must be able to put aside all prior knowledge of the case, and stick to what attorneys present over the next four or five weeks of the trial.

Attorneys have assured Judge King they can complete their opening statements this afternoon.

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