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Kafoury Files To Run For Multnomah County Chair

Deborah Kafoury filed to run for Multnomah County Chair.

Kafoury formerly held a seat on the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, but had to resign to pursue the vacated Chair’s position. Former county chair Jeff Cogen resigned after admitting an affair with a county staffer.

Kafoury says, if elected, she plans to continue the work she’s been doing.

“Many of the projects that I’ve started are not finished and I want to continue working on them. For example, the Sellwood Bridge, which was fifty years in studies and people wringing their hands over how to solve this safety problem in our community and another couple of years and that bridge is going to be finished,” Kafoury said..  

The election is slated for Multnomah County’s May primary. Voters will actually see two ballot items: one, for a candidate to serve out the remainder of Cogen’s term; then they’ll choose a candidate to be the new county chair.

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