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Keny-Guyer Sworn In To Complete Ben Cannon's House Term

Oregon’s newest legislator has been sworn in. Alissa Keny-Guyer is a Democrat.  She’ll represent Portland’s House District 46.

She says she wants to focus on investing in education, public health and revitalizing the economy.

“People are really hurting; they’re losing their jobs and health insurance and homes.  That is first and foremost.  It’s hard to make the investments in the other areas if we don’t revitalize our economy, and I’m  particularly interested in doing that in an environmentally sustainable way,” Keny-Guyer said.

Keny-Guyer was chosen by the Multnomah County Commission to replace former Democratic Rep. Ben Cannon. 

He has become the governor’s education policy adviser.

Keny-Guyer will finish Cannon’s term, which ends next year. She’s seeking election to the seat in 2012.