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Khan Expected To Be Placed On Unpaid Leave While Awaiting Trial

Portland waste water treatment worker, Reaz Qadir Khan, is expected to be placed on unpaid administrative leave April 15.  Khan is facing charges of conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist. 

Khan was placed on paid administrative leave after being arrested last month.

But the gravity of the charges leveled against him  — and the length of time expected to pass before a trial — left the city wondering what to do.

Mayoral spokesman, Dana Haynes, says attorneys for the city and the union that represents Khan have now agreed that he’ll be placed on unpaid leave.

“This was something the city just hadn’t dealt with before, somebody accused of this level. Now if somebody pleads guilty to a crime or is found guilty of a crime, then we have just cause to terminate that person’s employment. If a person is accused we can’t obviously fire them because in the United States you’re innocent until proven guilty,” Haynes said.

The plan still has to go to the City Council for approval. It’s on the agenda for April 10th.

If Khan is found not guilty, he would be placed on the union’s recall list — meaning that as soon as a job opened up, he’d get it.

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