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Kitzhaber Adds Ron Saxton As Education Advisor

Governor-elect John Kitzhaber Monday announced the work teams that will help plan the state budget. As Simon Boas reports, he named Republican Ron Saxton as a leader of one of those teams.

Saxton will help lead the team that will advise the Governor on issues relating to K-12 education.

Saxton was the Republican nominee for Oregon governor in 2006. He’s a vice president at Klamath Falls-based window and door manufacturer Jeld-Wen. He also serves on OPB’s board of directors.

His co-chair will be Springfield Schools Superintendent Nancy Golden. The team is being asked to recommend ways to ensure that funding for K-12 education is stable.

Kitzhaber says that’s important because the state school funding is such a big part of the budget.

John Kitzhaber: “However, the decisions about how these state resources are spent, and to some extent how fast the cost of the state school system grows, is determined at the local level by 197 independently elected school boards who are bargaining with local collective bargaining units.”

Kitzhaber also gave details on teams for early-childhood development, post-secondary education, and budget accountability.

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