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Kitzhaber Asks Attorney General To Investigate Claims

Gov. John Kitzhaber asked Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum on Monday to investigate allegations of corruption leveled against him and First Lady Cylvia Hayes.

Willamette Week reports that Kitzhaber called for the investigation to begin immediately.

“No one wants these questions answered more than we do and we are both fully cooperating with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission,” Kitzhaber wrote in a statement to Rosenblum.

“Nonetheless, it is increasingly clear that the statutory process … has in no way stemmed the rush to judgment currently underway in the Oregon media,” the governor said.

In recent weeks, Kitzhaber and Hayes have increasingly faced accusations that Hayes used her position in state government to secure contracts for her private consulting firm and influence state policy in areas such as clean fuels.

The state Government Ethics Commission is currently reviewing the allegations to decide whether an investigation is necessary.

Kitzhaber said he and Hayes would make themselves available to the AG for any questioning.

“I deeply regret that this situation has become a distraction from the important work of our state and look forward to your review and its conclusions,” Kitzhaber wrote.

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