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Kitzhaber Hopeful About Waivers From Federal Healthcare Law

Governor John Kitzhaber says Oregon will soon test the Obama Administration’s flexibility in healthcare policy.

The Obama Administration signaled its willingness this week to offer waivers from the new federal healthcare law.

The feds still want states to meet certain standards.

Governor Kitzhaber just returned from meeting with other governors in Washington D.C. He says he spoke to the official in charge of healthcare waivers.

John Kitzhaber: “Well, we’ll require some significant waivers — some as soon as June — to do the, to merge and integrate long-term care services with other services. I was at the White House when the President made that announcement and we feel it’s very, very good news for Oregon.”

In Kitzhaber’s previous tenure as governor, he took advantage of federal healthcare waivers to structure the Oregon Health Plan.

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