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Kitzhaber Introduces Oregon's First Schools' Chief

Gov. John Kitzhaber introduced Dr. Rudy Crew Wednesday as his pick to be Oregon’s first Chief Education Officer. Crew formerly served as the chancellor of New York Public Schools and the superintendent of the Miami-Dade County Public School system.

Rudy Crew

Allyson Will / OPB

The Chief Education Officer is meant to lead the transformation of Oregon’s public education system from early childhood through college.

“What I bring to this is certainly the passion and certainly a clarity of vision by virtue of what has already been laid out before me. I believe there are people in the field right now for whom this has been their life’s work as well and therein is the diamond in the rough,” Crew said.

Allyson Will / OPB
Crew and Kitzhaber

Kitzhaber said the state’s plan to overhaul public education is ambitious.  He said he’s confident Crew can lead the initiative in the right direction. The Oregon Education Investment Board will vote Thursday on whether to confirm Crew’s appointment.

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