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Kitzhaber Names His Education Investment Team

Governor Kitzhaber has named 12 people to a new Education Investment Team.  It’s meant to set the foundation for a restructured education system.

The group includes former National Teacher of the Year, Michael Geisen, and the Salem-Keizer schools’ superintendent, Sandy Husk.

A parent organization, the statewide teachers’ union, and business executives are on the investment team, too.

The governor will chair it. His education advisor, Nancy Golden, says the team will mostly focus on creating a new permanent investment board – meant to replace the current boards of education and higher education and to look over early learning, as well.

Nancy Golden: “The investment board is going to be the big umbrella board that overlooks this zero-to-20 seamless system. So their very, very important work is really thinking about what does that look like.”

The governor also announced two design teams — one to craft a budget for birth-through-college programs, and one focused on early learning.

Kitzhaber has tapped several members of his transition team, including former Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ron Saxton, and Saxton’s wife, Lynne.

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