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Kitzhaber: Oregon Jobs Outlook Is Brighter

Oregon is on pace to meet the state’s jobs goal.

On Monday, Governor Kitzhaber told the Oregon Leadership Summit that headlines focusing on the European debt crisis and congressional gridlock have missed an economic success story closer to home.

Rob Manning / OPB

He says Oregon’s credit rating has improved, and the jobs outlook looks brighter, too. 

“Since I took office we have created over 18,000 jobs and we are well on our way to hit the 25,000 job benchmark at the end of this year, that was established in the Oregon Business Plan,” says Kitzhaber. 

Governor Kitzhaber says job gains have been “mitigated” by layoffs in the public sector. Oregon’s unemployment rate is still high, at 9.5 percent.

The governor presented a five-part plan to help Oregon’s economy. He wants to expand energy efficiency efforts beyond schools, to include other public buildings. He also emphasized using Oregon’s natural assets – especially in timber – to help drive job growth.

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