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Klamath Judge Denies Requests To Stop Water Rights Enforcement

A Klamath County judge denied requests Tuesday to stop the enforcement of water rights in the area. The Klamath Basin water shutoffs will continue. 

Judge Cameron Wogan denied requests to stop the enforcement of water law. In doing so, he upheld the rights of the Klamath Tribes and Klamath Project irrigators to have their water needs filled first.  

 He decided two of four requests to stop the water shutoffs in the basin.

In a statement, the judge said it would be illegal to “…elevate petitioners over everyone so they would be the only ones to get extra water….”

If the two requests were allowed, they would have superseded the senior water rights of the Klamath Tribes and the Klamath Project irrigators.

The remaining two requests are still pending in court. 

The judge’s statement is available at:

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