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Klamath County Reaches A Deal With The State To Fund Mental Health Care

After Klamath County determined it could no longer fund mental health care, it’s reached an agreement with the state that’s intended to maintain the services.

Klamath County and the Oregon Health Authority have agreed on a contract to fund mental health care in the area for two years starting July 1.

The state and county agreed to move the mental health care services to another provider. The county’s next goal is to shorten the duration of its financial responsibility to mental healthcare.

Dennis Linthicum is with the Klamath County Board of Commissioners. He says how long the county will continue paying will depend on how long it takes to make a successful transition.

“How many patients are there? How many of them are under medical care? What will it take to bring a new service provider? We’re trying to weigh through all the difficulties associated with that.”

Pam Martin is the director of the state’s Addictions and Mental Health division. She issued a statement welcoming the new collaboration.

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