The next efforts to bring recreational cannabis sales to Klamath Falls city limits have begun.

The Klamath Falls city recorder’s office released notice of a ballot title on Jan. 25, which addresses a measure that asks voters to allow recreational marijuana production and sales in the city, in addition to imposing a 3 percent tax on all marijuana sales.

If approved, the measure would overturn a Sept. 21, 2015, ban on recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers within city limits. The measure would not apply to other outlying areas of Klamath County, which fall under a separate moratorium on recreational pot.

Ed Medina Jr., owner-operator of A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives in Klamath Falls, is the chief petitioner of the initiative. Marianne Yong, owner of Wholly Hemp Farm in Klamath Falls, also joined Medina as a petitioner for recreational cannabis sales. A prospective petition with the city was officially received on Jan. 18.

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