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Klamath Tribal Members Receive Compensation For Not Irrigating

A new program is compensating Klamath tribal members for not using surface water for irrigation. A drought relief program will provide funds to some tribal members.

The Bureau of Reclamation is managing the payments.  Reclamation is paying about $250 to tribal members who qualify for the drought relief program on the federal Klamath Project.

Pete Lucero is with the Bureau of Reclamation. He says the relief program only applies to tribal members holding qualifying water rights dating back to 1864 on the tribe’s former reservation.

It provides about $800,000 for the Klamath Tribes, generally tribal members who are either farming or ranching these lands,” Lucero said.

Lucero says the programs are intended to relieve the pressure on the water supply due to the drought. He says compensation payments to tribal members are intended to begin sometime in November.

Non-tribal members holding 1864 water rights are not eligible for the funds.

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