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La Pine Poised To Increase Grow Acreage By 20 Percent

This week in Central Oregon, commissioners in Deschutes County are expected to finalize the transfer of two parcels of federal land, totaling 1,000 acres, to the city of La Pine and the La Pine Park and Recreation District.

The land will be used as disposal area for wastewater as well as a new home for the La Pine Rodeo. 

It’s probably safe to say that prior to 2011 most members of Congress had never heard of La Pine.  But this transfer of what previously had been BLM land, required not only for them to be aware of what, at the time, was Oregon’s newest city, it also required their votes. 

On Wednesday, Deschutes County Commissioners are expected to finalize a process started eight years ago.

Tony DeBone was a member of the La Pine Rodeo Association Board when the request was first made.  He now serves as a county commissioner.

“This is going to help empower this small town to just grow into itself with permanent lands for both these purposes,” said DeBone

DeBone doesn’t expect the rodeo will be able to move into its new space until next summer.  He says development of the wastewater site is still likely years away.

Editor’s note: This story was edited to clarify which entities will be involved in the land transfer.

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