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LaHood In Portland To Celebrate Work On South Waterfront Sites

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be in Portland Tuesday to celebrate work on the reconstruction of SW Moody Avenue.  

Moody runs along the South Waterfront area. It’s where OHSU and developers have built several new sky-scrapers. But a number of the parcels are former industrial sites and heavily contaminated. 

By raising the street 14 feet, those parcels can be developed to offer parking under new buildings. The idea is that developers won’t have to dig down into contaminated soil to provide the parking. 

The soil has been capped and is being left undisturbed. 

Dan Anderson is with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Dan Anderson: “This is one of the largest unused parcels of land in Portland, especially in the central area. So part of the Moody Ave. project is to begin building the streets and infrastructure next to those brown fields and unused parcels, which will encourage development.”

The new road will have tracks for the Milwaukie light rail extension, the streetcar, and lanes for pedestrians, bicycles and cars. It’ll also hold fiber optic cables and sewers.

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