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Lake Oswego Hires New Superintendent, Replacing Longtime Leader

For the first time in more than a quarter century, Lake Oswego will have a new school superintendent. Longtime leader William Korach is stepping down in late June.

Dr. Heather Beck on a recent visit with students at Jeffco's Wheat Ridge 5-8 school.

Dr. Heather Beck on a recent visit with students at Jeffco’s Wheat Ridge 5-8 school.

Jeffco Public Schools

The Lake Oswego School Board announced this week that Heather Beck will be his replacement. Beck is the Chief Academic Officer for the school district based in Jefferson County, Colorado. It has nearly twice as many students as any district in Oregon.

“We are a gigantic school district, I think it’s 34th largest school district in the United States,” Beck explained. “It has its challenges, of course, when you’re dealing with a large system. But that being said, Lake Oswego has 6,700 students and ten schools, and there is something incredibly appealing about working on a much more personal level.”

Beck says high-performing school districts like Lake Oswego have to work hard to maintain their success.

She says in her role as superintendent, she’ll want to focus on what the suburban district already does well such as recruiting and retaining quality teachers and having a supportive community. 

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