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Lawsuit Claims City Of Portland Made Improper Use Of Water Funds

Lloyd Anderson served as a City Commissioner from 1969 to 1974. He and other plaintiffs in the case say the current Portland City Council improperly used funds meant for water and sewer projects.

Kayla Anchell / OPB
Lloyd Anderson

Plaintiffs say millions of dollars in taxpayer money were spent on the construction of things such as a headquarters for the Rose Festival Foundation. Anderson says he’s disappointed with the actions of the City Council.

“Whether it has merit or not is really not relevant to whether the money that was authorized is being spent for what we committed to the people,” says Anderson.

The suit was filed by Citizens for Water Accountability, Trust and Reform. The group says they sent a letter to the city last month asking officials to stop using water bureau funds on projects not directly related to water and sewer service.

Plaintiffs say they don’t yet have an exact estimate of how much spending is in dispute.

Water Bureau Administrator, David Shaff, says he’s not commenting on the lawsuit at this time.