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Lawyers Challenge Evidence In Mohamud Case

Lawyers for Mohamed Mohamud told a judge Wednesday that key parts of the government’s case should not be allowed into evidence. Mohamud is the man accused of trying to bomb Portland’s Christmas Tree-lighting in 2010.

In 2009, Muhamed Mohamud briefly became a suspect in a date rape case at Oregon State University.

That was after his father had warned the FBI that his son was being radicalized, but before the Christmas Tree celebration.

Mohamud was quickly exonerated in the rape case. But not before the FBI had piggy-backed onto the Oregon State Police investigation.  

They managed to get a list of phone numbers off Mohamud’s phone; a copy of his computer hard drive; and to get troopers to ask him questions about future travel abroad.

Mohamud’s lawyers say any information obtained during that investigation is tainted and shouldn’t be allowed, because he was cleared.

Prosecutors say the evidence isn’t tainted and that the rape investigation didn’t uncover anything they didn’t already know from independent witnesses — like Mohamud’s father.

U.S. District Court Judge Garr King said he’d like to rule on the issue as soon as possible. But lawyers for both sides have to sort out what pieces of the evidence are classified before the judge can decide.

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