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Legislators Discuss Background Checks Bill

Oregon legislators on opposite sides of the gun issue see a bright future for a bill to tighten background checks.

Senate Democrat Ginny Burdick and Republican representative Dennis Richardson discussed guns on OPB’s Think Out Loud Thursday.

Burdick said that the time wasn’t right to pursue broader gun legislation – such as bans on assault rifles, or on high-capacity magazines. But she believes there’s support in the legislature to require background checks on private gun sales between individuals.

Leading gun rights advocate Richardson agreed.

“That bill I think can actually can get legs and could be passed. The only concern is family and close associates and those kinds of things. How much burden is it going to be on the citizens to get background checks on members of their family - even a nephew.”

The bill would not require background checks for gun transfers within an immediate family. Richardson said he’d want the exemption to cover extended family, too.

Oregon currently requires background checks at retail stores and gun shows.

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