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Linn County Cops Take Stand Against Medical Pot Dispensaries

Law enforcement officials in Linn County took a stand Friday against medical marijuana dispensaries.

The police chiefs of Albany, Sweet Home and Lebanon, joined the Linn County sheriff and DA to sign a letter saying they don’t want dispensaries in their communities.

The letter claims many people use Oregon’s medical pot system to get high, rather than treat pain.

Linn County District Attorney Doug Marteeny says voters have repeatedly told lawmakers they don’t want dispensaries,

“If folks want to debate whether or not marijuana should be legalized, well let’s have that debate,” he said. 

“But to play a farce of abusing the medical marijuana system as the vehicle to get legalized marijuana, it’s just not an honest dialogue.”

Calls to marijuana advocates, Oregon NORML were not answered this Thanksgiving weekend.

But its website says cannabis is a valuable aid in the treatment of pain relief, nausea and other ailments. The group supports decriminalization for private use by adults.

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