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Liquidators Auction Off Blue Heron Mill Items

Everything from office furniture to a railroad crossing signal is being auctioned off from the Blue Heron Mill this week.

Earlier this year, the Oregon City paper mill closed, putting 175 people out of work.

The mill operated for more than a century. Liquidators are now holding an auction. Gary Katz of the Capital Recovery Group is touting hundreds of spare motors, three-quarters of a million pounds of copper cable and all kinds of other stuff.

“You don’t have to have a paper mill in order to buy something. Because if you need a motor or a pump, or you need support equipment. There’s a machine shop. There’s a wood shop. There’s a motor repair shop. There’s a welding shop. So anybody who’s in business would probably be able to find something here,” Katz said.

A real estate agent is selling land at the 23-acre site separately. It’s a tough time for many former mill workers and city politicians who worry what might happen to the site.

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