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LNG Critics Worry Focus For Jordan Cove Changing

Environmental groups say plans are afoot to change the liquefied natural gas terminal proposed near Coos Bay from an import site, to one that would export. As Rob Manning reports, the project backers say that’s not what’s happening. 

A recent report in Platts LNG Daily triggered the dustup around the Jordan Cove project. That’s the terminal proposed for the southern Oregon Coast. 

Editor’s Note

The original version of this story incorrectly named the project manager. He is Bob Braddock. We also incorrectly identified the Coos Bay newspaper. It is The World. OPB regrets the error.

The article quotes Jordan Cove’s project manager, Bob Braddock. He says that he’s met with customers interested in exporting LNG out of Coos Bay. And he tells the industry paper that he’s “starting to mull it over.” 

Opponents of LNG say that means the focus for Jordan Cove may be changing. Brian Pasko directs the Oregon Sierra Club.  

Brian Pasko: “This is something that we’ve been speculating about for a long time. And that is something that is not in the interests of Oregonians in any way.”  

Jordan Cove’s Braddock has since downplayed the significance of talking to customers about possible export. In statements to The World newspaper in Coos Bay he called export a “stupid idea,” because of how far the terminal would be from domestic gas reserves. 


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