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LNG Opponents Sue Energy Commission Over Mailing List

Opponents of a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed on the Columbia River are suing federal energy regulators – over a mailing list.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected a Freedom of Information Act request sent in January.

It asked for the names and addresses of people FERC is communicating with about a proposed natural gas pipeline between a possible LNG terminal and existing pipelines in central Oregon.

Dan Serres is with Columbia Riverkeeper, one of the groups behind the lawsuit.

Dan Serres: “Their direct response to the FOIA request was ‘we don’t have a list’ despite transcripts from public meetings indicating that they do have a list and that they’re developing this list all the time.”

Serres says his group would use the mailing list as a starting point, to ensure that people in the vicinity of the proposed pipe know about the project.

Supporters of the LNG terminal say that the pipeline route is no secret — and they point to a map room set up in Portland, where people can see it.

The suit was filed in federal district court in Oregon.