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Local Tech Community Mulls Wikipedia Editorial Change

A change in the editing standards on Wikipedia has created waves around the world – including here in Oregon.

Officials say that within weeks, some Wikipedia articles will require editorial approval before they are posted publicly.

Ethan Lindsey reports.

You’ve probably heard of Wikipedia. One of the most popular sites on the web, it gets both criticism and praise as a publicly-edited encyclopedia.

What you may not know is that Oregon is a hotbed for Wikipedia.

One of the main inventors of Wiki software is from here – and the state has a very active group of editors.

Pete Forsyth: “We’ve been described by other Wikipedians as having by far the best-covered state legislature.”

Pete Forsyth is an Internet consultant and a leader in the local community of Wikipedia volunteers. He says the editorial change will introduce a new layer of oversight.

Pete Forsyth: “The underlying issue is vandalism and libel.”

Many of Oregon’s Wikipedia users say the editorial change won't be a problem in the state. They say entries will be quickly approved – or rejected – because of the vibrant local community.