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Local Web Business Seeing More Iranian Discussions

Iran’s clamp-down on independent media has pushed a lot of news onto social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, an Oregon website says it’s also hosting a lot of discussion.

English, Baby!, is a site where anybody who wants to learn English can chat.

CEO John Hayden says students normally talk about different issues — depending on which country they’re from.

In Iran, he says, the site has about 10,000 members, who are now buzzing about the disputed election.

John Hayden: “We see a lot in the Western media a lot of the protests and a lot of the bloodshed. And we’re seeing conversations talking about that as well on English, Baby! But there’s definitely another side to that, that we’re seeing. Support for the election and wanting to abide by the results of that.”

Hayden says he’s not concerned about the Iranian government shutting English, Baby! down, mainly because they’re small compared to media sites like Facebook or Youtube.