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Low-Income Housing Opens Next To Rose Garden

 Madrona Housing

Facts About Madrona Studios

  • Run by Central City Concern
  • 176 Studio Units
  • Single person household must Make Less Than 24,000 per year
  • Two person household can make up to $28,500
  • Rent is $400 to $490 per month
  • Across the street from the Rose Garden
  • Units come with a bed, table and new appliances

The Portland Trail Blazers have a new neighbor.  Sitting next to Interstate 5 and across the street from the Rose Garden are 176 new low-income housing units in a building called the Madronas Studio.

Central City Concern oversaw the renovation and manages the building. Executive Director Ed Blackburn says the building was a good opportunity in a great location.

"In this particular area, there is not a lot of low-income housing.  A lot of people work here who cannot afford to live here. So, what we are finding in terms of people who are expressing interest in the building is that some of them come from the suburbs, they work in low-income jobs and they are commuting.  So this is an ideal place for them to live," he said.

The studio units are for one or two people only, including adult couples and one parent with one child.

Jim Garrick, a disabled vet and former prison inmate, was the first person to get a room. "I remember when it was a Ramada Inn and  it got a little funky at some time, but it was a stopping point.  What they've done with this, cleaned it up, and I have a brand new room and everything is  new.  It's really nice to be able to have that opportunity," he said.

The units rent for $400 to $490 a month for those with incomes below $24,500 for a single and $28,000 for two people.

The energy-efficient building is also the new home of the Hooper Detox Clinic.