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Boaters Warned Of Hazards Posed By Low Water Levels

The water levels in many Oregon lakes and rivers are getting lower as summer progresses.

Officials from the Oregon State Marine Board are warning boaters of obstructions in the water. They say trees, roots, rocks and logs can be a problem on the waterways.

Rocks especially, can be a problem even when the water levels are fairly high, like in the Prineville Reservoir.

Steve Memminger, park manager at Prineville Reservoir State Park, said the levels in the reservoir go down as water is used for irrigation.

“The shoreline rocks will slowly be exposed throughout the summer,” Memminger said. “So the main thing on Prineville reservoir is rocks just under the surface, near the shoreline.”

Since the levels change often, officials encourage boaters to assess the water before taking their boats out. Information and obstruction notices can be found on the Marine Board website.

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