The central Oregon agricultural community of Madras is trying to woo beer brewers to its downtown. 

Madras is the only major central Oregon city without a local brewpub. In a region that already has 24 breweries, the city was apparently feeling a little left out of the thriving Oregon beer scene. 

“What we’re really looking for is a new business in our downtown to revitalize our downtown,” said Nick Snead Madras’ community development director.  “We think we can accomplish that by recruiting a welcoming, slightly family-friendly place where friends and family and groups can meet and enjoy good beer and good food.” 

For the right brewpub project, Madras says it will offer a number of incentives and financial benefits — from technical assistance to fee waivers. 

Even though the brewer that takes Madras up on its offer will be the only gig in town, they can still expect competition. According to Visit Central Oregon, the region already has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the nation.