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Madras Hospital To Open Under New Name

Mountain View Hospital in Madras will begin operating under a new name as of January 1st.  That’s when managers expect to finalize an agreement bringing the hospital under the umbrella of the Bend-based St. Charles Health System.

Under that tentative agreement, St. Charles would take on all of Mountain View’s assets -  everything from armchairs to X-ray machines.  St. Charles would also absorb the smaller hospital’s liabilities. That includes a greater than average percentage of medicaid patients, and declining reimbursement rates.  But St. Charles President and CEO Jim Diegel most of the changes will be behind the scenes.

“The community really won’t see any immediate change in terms of the hospital outside of a new name and the fact that caregivers at Mountain View will be employees of St. Charles Health System,” says Diegel.

Diegel says the hospital system plans on retaining all of Mountain View’s 200 plus employees so long as they meet conditions for employment, things like being able to pass a drug test.  Diegel says St. Charles will also infuse what he calls a significant amount of cash into operations at the Madras hospital for much needed facility upgrades.

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