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Mayor Adams Gives Up On Oregon Sustainability Center

Portland is giving up its attempt to build a sustainable skyscraper, according to a statement from Mayor Sam Adams Friday.

The Oregon Sustainability Center has been on shaky footing since lawmakers rejected selling millions in state-backed bonds for it.

A scaled-back version of the hyper-energy efficient building resurfaced last month, with more private backing.

The project’s cost had also shrunk by millions of dollars.

But in a statement, Mayor Adams said “it’s become clear to me this week that I don’t have the votes necessary to pass the project.”

Commissioner Nick Fish has been a “no” vote in the past. He says he warned the private company involved – Interface Engineering – of opposition from current and possibly future commissioners.

Fish says their chief executive told him he might try a similar project without the city’s help.

“If the deal didn’t come together, it was his intention to move forward with a ‘Plan B’, which would include building or renovating a net-zero building.”

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