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Mayor Adams Proposes Hayden Island Plan

Mayor Sam Adams is proposing that the Port of Portland spend more than $32 million to offset development impacts on West Hayden Island.

The Port wants to develop on West Hayden Island. Conservation groups and neighbors are concerned about environmental and health effects.

$20 million from Adams’ plan would fund environmental mitigation on other islands. Ten million would improve housing and natural areas on the island’s east side, where people live. Adams aims to expand exports and improve the environment.

“This is Portland. If there ever was a city that could strike that balance and improve both, we¹re that city and I¹m determined to try.” Adams says he worked on the plan with port officials.

Bob Sallinger with Portland Audubon says it’s intriguing but needs study.

“If the Port and the city are sincere about this proposal, they will give it the time it needs to have a thorough review, and then move forward if appropriate,” Sallinger says.

West Hayden Island has a planning commission hearing next week.

Adams wants a city council vote next month, before he leaves office.

West Hayden Island

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